ACHILLES, born 12.03.1991 with TARA since 03. 2006

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This more than twenty years old bay gelding came to our shelter together with his beautiful golden chestnut friend Penelope for the same reason which sends hundreds of horses each year to slaughter … His owner had financial troubles. She could not afford to keep the horses any longer. Often, while realizing our dream, we cannot exactly predict its future consequences.

People buy horses because they can, but sometimes fate can be wicked – redundancy from work, the company collapses, but the animals need treatments, food, vaccinations, deworming, a farrier … The cost of maintaining these animals is very large.

Their fate hung in the air because both horses were not suitable either for school or for breeding – Achilles had a very bad injury in his leg, and Penelope’s problems with ovaries prevented her to be a mother. A horse not fit for any job and without a possibility for a foal and the owner who can barely make the ends meet …., such cases are many, and one of the most common solutions is the slaughterhouse. Luckily we intervened and Achilles with Penelope were transported to a new home, Tara, where they will remain safe for the rest of their days, regardless of whether they are suitable for riding or not. Achilles is no longer assessed according to his usefulness as an object – he is treated like a living creature that does not have to be “useful” in order to be allowed to live.

During winter Achilles lives in the Suska stables, our “home of ‘oldies’”, where he is on a special diet because of his advanced age. Despite his illness, he plays with fellow horses and during the grazing period bravely traverses remote corners of the pastures. He is a gentle, very well-behaved, and courageous horse, causes no problems and is happy to munch on carrots straight from the hand. His constant “team” is now the group of the old mare’s Czesna which also includes Mala, Secret and grandpa Lir.

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