Every cloud has a silver lining

The rescue of horses from Skaryszew has never lasted so long. Never so many horses have been saved, not only from the market in Skaryszew, but also the others, sentenced to slaughter. For many years we have talked about the massacre of Polish horses but never before has there been such a response – specifically for buying out those which already had death looking into their eyes. Uprising in the struggle for the life of Polish horses has just started. The machinery towards the amendment of the bill is rolling and we cannot allow it to stop. A draft law, which is to stop the slaughter of Polish horses, is ready but needs the support of hundreds and thousands of signatures.

Petition in English – Click here

At last people are noticing the numbers of horses rotting in dark cells so that a group of merchants can later murder them in slaughterhouses. Finally, people see it. But we cannot save them all by buying out because new horses will continue to be born. Only by changing the law will we give them what they deserve – care, dignified life and friendship until the end of their days. Horse is a friend, it is not a meat!



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