FWK – What is it about?

For those who are discovering the FWK (Horses Liberation Front) campaign for the first time and do not yet know what its purpose is and what it wants to achieve, we are giving you a brief history of its creation. The Horses Liberation Front is an initiative of the Tara Foundation, which has been saving horses from death for over 20 years.
The idea of the Front was born in the heads of three big “fighters”: Scarlett, Iwona and Magda on exactly 12.02.2016 at 22.22. It sounds a little bit like a birthday, but indeed a wonderful idea was born.

Why such a name?

Front, as the name implies, is the place where a battle takes place, and so on our website we present our current battles and what we fight for and against (laws, authorities, often also people). A front also means soldiers. To our “horses’ liberation army” we involve various specialists: IT professionals, graphic designers, lawyers, printers, advertisers, volunteers and also those distributing leaflets. Another words, everybody who can contribute to the liberation of horses and provide them with legal security which would be written in the Law.

The horse must become a companion animal such as a dog or a cat.

The Front was created to deal once and for all with the current lawlessness in Poland. We know that millions of people in our country disagree with the slaughter of these animals. We also have foreign allies and compatriots living in different parts of the world. The front has been active for quite some time now and we are constantly looking for new people who would like to join us. We are also waiting for your ideas. Please write to us.

Naturally, we thank all of you who are already with us for their perseverance and dedication. We know that at times it is not easy in the heat of the daily life to find time for others. Your help from the bottom your heart will be rewarded with the loving look of the animal. We thank warmly all our current donors and, in advance, those who will join us soon. Please remember that the liberation of horses is going to be our collective success and it will also give hope to rescuing or improving the existence of other animals.

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