We strongly encourage all schools to engage in virtual care of one of the protégés of the Tara Foundation!
For a school, an adoption is an opportunity to integrate the students by a responsible caring for a horse. It is also an interesting alternative to school excursions. We always welcome with great joy and hope all visiting groups of students – since it depends on young people how animals will be seen and treated in the future, so it is really worth the effort to bring the youth closer to them. Virtual adoption also helps in planting in children and adolescents empathy and positive behavior towards animals – a pro-animal education is one of the main components of the Foundation. We are very much committed to spreading knowledge about animals and their behavior, and about the conditions in which they should live. Unfortunately, these conditions are far from ideal nowadays, which is quite often ignored by both the young and the old. Time to change it! Children are the future of our planet, they will decide what life on Earth will look like! If not the whole school then you can also make “Adoption by a class!”

We are also happy to visit schools as lecturers – if you would like to invite us, talk about rescuing of horses from transports, helping animals, how to react when someone harms our little friends, write to: info@fundacjatara.info and in the subject line: “Lecture”.

For individuals virtual adoption is a way of helping animals in need if you are not able to do it yourself. Visiting the adopted animal also provides the opportunity to relieve the stress linked to today’s way of life – haste, chronic fatigue, noise, all of which disappear at Tara filled with positive energy flowing from grateful and happy animals.

Often it is also the case that we cannot afford to own a horse because, in the case of horses, the cost of maintenance, treatments and even assuring a place in good stables is very high for many. And yet, despite everything, we still want to have a horse – who once loved a horse knows that. The Tara Foundation allows you to participate in keeping a horse in the shelter for as little as 20 zl. a month – in this way you can have “your” horse at Tara! You can visit him whenever you want, stroke, clean, comb and pamper him as much as you want (the only thing you cannot do is to ride him!), And we, as part of our gratitude, will send you regularly information about the life of your protégé, and also, every month, his latest photos. Adoption can be done for a definite or indefinite period of time.
It is also possible to gather a group of people who will take care of one of Tara’s horses or other pets. This is a great way to strengthen family or friendship bonds by sharing the joy of helping an animal and organizing visits with your loved ones.
The adoption procedure is as follows:

  1. The first step to virtual adoption is to write an email to: adopcje@fundacjatara.info. You can choose an animal from For Adoption section. You can also choose to come personally to the shelter and get to know the animals living here.
  2. The next step is to send the completed adoption agreement with the name of the selected animal, with the stated amount of the monthly support, as well as the mailing and e-mailing address for future correspondence with you.
  3. After receiving the adoption agreement, the Tara Foundation will place at the Foundation’s website information about the adopting party: link, logo, brief description of the institution, school, or for the individual his/hers name, place of residence or any other content you choose. In addition, in case of visits or special actions organized by the adopting party and after a prior approval of the party, a brief photographic and written account of the events will be provided.
  4. The Foundation pledges to provide the adopting party with a short description of the adopted animal that may include the state of its health, or a description of events that accompanied the animal’s arrival at Tara or other interesting episodes from the animal’s life.
  5. The Foundation provides free of charge accommodation for the adopting parties if they want to stay at the shelter for more than 1 day (prior to agreeing on the date of arrival).
  6. The adopting party can visit the adopted animal at any time, stay with it, participate in its cleaning and feeding.
  7. The Foundation declares that during the adoption period the animal remains at the grounds of the shelter of the Foundation, which is currently the shelter for horses in Piskorzyna.

If you have any questions, doubts or concerns, which have not been addressed in the presented Rules above, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: adoption@fundacjatara.info

In their name please help – the rescued animals need you! Tara is a unique place where horses and other animals stay until the end of their days, enjoying the constant presence of their horse families, friends and partners. We are a shelter, but also an animal sanatorium and clinic! Tara is a house which we are building together!

If you decide to adopt, to engage in this beautiful and selfless form of caring for a horse or other animal – write to: