You can help in many different ways. Here are some suggestions:

Virtual adoptions →

Volunteer at Tara →

Animalpack →


  1. Share, comment, post and mark “likes” on our Facebook profile TARA – Horse Shelter – contrary to appearances it helps a lot. In this day and age of internet, sharing of posts and inscriptions is also helping!
  2. Use the Tara Foundation’s links and banners on your websites, blogs and social profiles – contact:
  3. Adopt virtually one of Tara’s protégés – contact:
  4. Encourage friends, a class, a company to jointly adopt one or more of our rescued horses. In addition to horses, you can also take care of other animals at Tara (e.g. goats, cows, cats, dogs, pigs).
  5. Help with cleaning work directly at Tara’s Horse Shelter in Piskorzyna.
  6. Take part in protests, demonstrations and other actions at horse markets as Tara’s Volunteer.
  7. Help us in securing sponsors and obtaining materials to make the shelter better adapted for the animals and more beautiful for the visitors to Tara.
  8. Do you own a company? Become a sponsor – your business can support Tara’s actions in the form of financial assistance or material donations to the shelter of the Tara Foundation. For the horses it is a ray of hope, for your company a promotional tool and a possibility to engage the employees. For details please write: If you have a store, you can allocate a place for leaflets and Tara’s other information materials.
  9. You can use your own printer and ink, and yourself distribute leaflets and posters.
  10. Use your skills and abilities! Graphic designers, IT specialists, skilled people – all of you are needed and we will be glad to publish your work on our pages.
  11. You can send on the address of the shelter objects for the bazaars organized by our volunteers. The profit from the bazaars goes to the care and food for the animals in our shelter and all others in need!

We will be extremely grateful for your help!
Without your support Tara would not survive, there would be no fight for horses, we would not exist!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.